Environmentally friendly logistics choice

Ba-Le Paper Pallets

Unique features

Embedded paper tube leg design

Ensure that the legs will not be damaged by tool collision during operation.

Heavy-duty paper composite board

本公司獨家研發的紙合板技術,大幅提升瓦愣紙的耐重程度 <測試報告>

Edge sealing and waterproofing

In addition to waterproofing the panels, the unique edge sealing technology not only prevents water vapor penetration but also further strengthens the edge strength.

Common Specifications

North America

1016 x 1219 mm


1100 x 1100 mm

Asia, Europe

1000 x 1200 mm


800 x 1200 mm

Specifications Details
  • Paper Strip Edge Sealing

  • 3-runners bottom, four-way entry slots

  • Static Load Capacity: 2,400 kg per pallet

  • Dynamic Load Capacity: 800 kg per pallet

Why Use Paper Pallets?

Features of Paper Pallets

Paper pallets weigh only about 1/3 of wooden pallets
  • Significantly reduces air freight costs.

  • Easy to handle, can be operated by female workers as well.

Fumigation-free and facilitates rapid customs clearance
Customs in various countries have strict smoking regulations for pallets
  • Paper pallets, being fumigation-free materials, can facilitate quick customs clearance.
  • Can save on the high costs associated with pallet fumigation.

Made from recyclable material
Paper is a recyclable material in all countries
  • Avoids the disposal fees for wooden pallets after export.
  • Aligns with the green logistics concept in developed countries, enhancing a company's image.