Strong and powerful fumigation-free pallets

Ba-Le Particle board Pallet

Product Features

Fumigation free

Pallet material that meets international fumigation-free requirements, protecting the global environment.

Superior weight-bearing capacity

Can carry goods weighing over 2 tons

Excellent waterproof properties

Suitable for use in shipping containers or environments with prolonged moisture

Common Specifications

North America

1016 x 1219 mm


1100 x 1100 mm

Asia, Europe

1000 x 1200 mm


800 x 1200 mm

Specifications Details
  • Fumigation-free particle board material

  • 3-runners bottom, 4-way entry slots

  • Static Load Capacity: 3,000 kg per pallet

  • Dynamic Load Capacity: 1,000 kg per pallet

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Why Use Particle Board Pallets?

Features of Particle Board Pallet

Superior weight-bearing capacity
Particle Board material has load-bearing capacity similar to wood.
  • Suitable for carrying heavy loads.

  • The material is strong and can withstand multiple loading and unloading cycles as well as handling errors.

Quick customs clearance
Customs in various countries have strict smoking regulations for pallets
  • Particle board pallets are fumigation-free and enable quick customs clearance.

  • Can save on the high costs and time associated with pallet fumigation, avoiding the risk of foreign customs inspections.